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This Event has been CANCELLED. Refunds are being issued. No performance info available

She is, simply, one of the greatest voices in the history of Rock n’ Roll. Period. For the past 40 years, Ann Wilson has been lead singer for the rock band Heart (35 million records sold), thrilling audiences with her vocal power and her natural gift to wrap her voice around an emotion in a song and lay it at the listener’s feet. Ann carved out a place for women to dominate a rock stage, and her icon status was cemented when Heart was inducted into the Rock n’Roll Hall of Fame.

After touring the big stages of the world with Heart, Ann is eager to re-visit the bluesy fertile ground that gave rise to her one-of-a kind voice. She can bring intimacy to the stage, breaking hearts along the way. And inevitably, she will repair them as she transforms the moment into an up-on-your-feet, rock party. Every audience walks away knowing they have witnessed a legend in her prime.

The public on sale has been delayed for this show due to the current COVID 19 health crisis.  Members can still purchase tickets online or by phone at 301-600-2828.

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