Mar. 20 | Why Intern at the Weinberg Center?

It’s a little-known fact that much of what we do could not be accomplished without the help of our stellar interns. But as any former or current intern will tell you, it’s not just about what they can offer the Weinberg — it’s also crucial that we provide them with a place to learn, grow, and explore. If you’re a college student interested in arts administration (a fancy term for the management of theatrical and cultural institutions), an internship here at the Weinberg Center may be the perfect next step for you!

Internships are offered on a seasonal basis (summer, fall, or spring) and are flexible to fit your schedule and level of experience. We are currently accepting applications for summer interns! As an arts marketing and development intern, you’ll learn to connect with audiences in a whole new way. Whether helping to put new shows on sale, communicating with members and donors about their many benefits, or helping spark conversation on our social media channels, interns are an integral part of our administrative team. But don’t just take it from us… check out what some of our former interns have to say:

“Working at the Weinberg is a great introduction to the wider world of theater. It’s a safe space to become familiar with the processes or to become more fluent in them. The introduction I received to the marketing side of entertainment was a light shined on opportunity. I am grateful for that light and the skills I learned while at the Weinberg.”
–Savannah Taylor

“I loved being an intern at the Weinberg. Everyone welcomed me in with open arms and wanted to help me succeed. They were open-minded to teach me what I wanted to learn, and helped me build my confidence when it came to working in a new environment. I loved every minute of it.”
–Jessica Rota

“I am so grateful for my time at the Weinberg. As a Performing Arts Administration major, having a hands-on experience was crucial for me. I learned a great deal about Marketing and Development in a way that would have been difficult to grasp through college coursework alone. The concepts I learned at Weinberg Center for the Arts will be useful tools as I continue to strive towards my personal career goals in the realm of performing arts administration.”
–Valerie Blaemire

“Interning at the Weinberg Center is a priceless and rewarding experience. The knowledge and experience I have gained has made me confident moving on to a full-time job. The Weinberg is truly the gem of Frederick and I’m honored I got to work with and learn from the people who make it shine.”
–Bonnie Monnier

“Interning at the Weinberg Center not only allowed me to utilize the skills I had learned through coursework in a practical way, but it enhanced and tightened my abilities. Getting the opportunity to learn more about how a venue operates was truly unique. Everyone at the Weinberg is incredibly helpful and kind as well. It felt great to know that I contributed to this wonderful theater!”
–Rosalyn Smaldone

Think you’ve got what it takes? If you’re a college student looking for your next step and the words “flexible,” “detail-oriented,” and “enthusiastic” all describe you, then we encourage you to apply today! See you at the theater!

Please note that we do not offer internships backstage or in our technical department.
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