Apr. 18 | Backstage Sneak Peek: Green Room

You’re settled into your seat here at the Weinberg Center for the Arts. The lights are flashing one final time… the show is about to begin! Finally, the house lights dim, the stage lights come up and – suddenly, as if by magic – the artist you’ve been waiting to see appears on stage.

It may look like magic, but that artist didn’t simply appear out of thin air – they came from the green room!

Most theaters feature a green room, a place where artists can relax while waiting to appear on stage. They are usually equipped with comfy places to sit, mirrors for last-minute costume and makeup checks, and perhaps a few snacks or drinks.

The Weinberg’s green room, like most, isn’t actually painted green. In fact, legend has it that this “holding pen” gets its name from being the final place a performer can relieve their stomach of stage fright before heading onstage.

Our green room is a bit more special than most, thanks to a fun feature many guests aren’t aware even exists. The Weinberg’s green room walls boast a cavalcade of signatures from many of the famous faces that have graced our stage over the years – musicians, comedians, speakers, and more, from Joan Baez to George Takei and beyond.

Can you spot the signature of noted singer/songwriter Rosanne Cash in the shot below?

Just this past fall, audience favorite David Sedaris graced our stage once more… wearing a very special clothing choice, which he memorialized on the green room wall!

There’s plenty more where that came from! You don’t have to be a performer to see our green room up close and personal – you can check it out on a free backstage tour. We hope you’ll visit us and find your favorite signature on the wall… so mark your calendar today!

See you at the theater!


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