Wandering in the Wonder Book Warehouse

By: Becca Weber and Natasha Morehouse

The continuing success of the Weinberg Center for the Arts is made possible in part by the donations of corporate sponsors throughout the Frederick community.  With this in mind, we wanted to share some insight into those organizations that generously support the Weinberg Center.  Today we’re going to shine a light on Wonder Book & Video.

During our last week as interns at the Weinberg Center we were lucky enough to be treated to a tour of the Wonder Book & Video warehouse located here in Frederick.  As we entered the warehouse, we were immediately met with a ten foot high “W” made entirely out of books.  Right then and there, we knew we were in for a treat.

Wonder Book & Video has been around since the 1980’s, buying and selling all kinds of books, movies, DVD’s, CD’s, and everything in between.  As we toured the facility our tour guide, owner Chuck Roberts, informed us that, “Our stores buy books 7 days a week; we have an offer for every book someone gives us.  We don’t turn any away.”  Walking around the 3 acre space, we learned that the warehouse has over 4 million books/movies/DVDs/CDs, and about 2 million books on the shelves alone.  What do they do with the books that they can’t sell, or do not need?  They recycle them!  “The only thing we give to the landfill is trash from our lunches, everything else we recycle,” Chuck proudly told us.

Books from Wonder Book & Video have also appeared in some of your favorite TV shows and movies.  How you ask?  Through their “Books by the Foot” service.  “Books by the Foot” provides shelf-ready hard cover books for interior & set designers to use that display by color.  They ship all over the U.S. and overseas, and have sold books to HBO, as well as for TV shows and movies such as Sleepy Hollow, and most recently, General Hospital.

The Weinberg is honored to partner with Wonder Book, who will sponsor two of our Family Series shows this season; Cirque Mechanics 42 Ft: A Menagerie of Mechanical Marvels and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood Live: KING FOR A DAY!  When asked what made them want to partner with us, Chuck responded, “I’ve gone to the Weinberg for years, we bring our kid’s books for all their family shows, and we just love supporting music, arts and literature.”  Oh we almost forgot, as Chuck mentioned, for the last few years Wonder Book & Video stocks a table of free books for children attending the Family Series shows.  Just one more way this local business is giving back to the Frederick Community.

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