The Man in the Iron Mask (1998) (PG-13)

One of the very best stories ever written by Dumas. It’s a classic! This one features the 3 Musketeers as older gentlemen, and their complicated lives as they wrestle with their mistakes and regrets. A killer cast – except for the Queen, which was a real head-scratcher – that adds some real teeth to this version of the tale. It’s a clever story somewhat along the lines of a crime story a la’ “Ocean’s Eleven”.

Stargate (1994) (PG-13)

Not every film needs to be Oscar-material. Sometimes, we all need what I call “popcorn flicks”. This is one of those films. Great cast, an interesting sci-fi storyline in the vein of planar/inter-dimensional travel, a love story, and some cool visual effects. Grab the popcorn and sit back and just gorge yourself on nothing to deep or involved.

Barefoot (2014) (PG-13)

Not your usual rom-com. This film features Evan Rachel Wood (from HBO’s Westworld fame) as a mentally challenged young girl who is being committed to a mental health institute. Scott Speedman plays the down-on-his-luck janitor at the same institute that needs a date to his brother’s wedding. The two embark on a wild adventure in this very touching story that has all the feels.

Return to Me (2000) (PG)

Few movies feature the elderly as fun people to hang with, yet that is precisely what this film offers. It has an amazing soundtrack and a beautiful story about finding love after tragedy. Positively one of our favorite films! Minnie Driver and David Duchovny make the whole story enjoyable and the supporting cast is just fantastic!

Cube (1998) ( R )

One of the most inventive sci-fi/horror films to have been made in the 90s. Forget the “Saw” movies, this film is just about the most insidious prisons you will ever be introduced to. It jumps right into the story without any explanation or narration as to what is going on, which makes you feel like one of the prisoners as you try to piece together what is going on and where they all are. Hands down, one of the best concept films you may ever see! A warning to the squeamish though, this film features some pretty gruesome “ends” to the characters in the story. Just a brilliant film!

The Conspirator (2011) (PG-13)

For those history buffs out there or simply the period-drama lovers, this one is a rarely told tale. A marvelous cast brings to life the tale of the 7 men and 1 woman charged with conspiring to assassinate President Abraham Lincoln, specifically the legal defense of the 1 woman: Mary Surratt. It’s more of a legal drama set against the backdrop of the post-Civil War era than a film about the Civil War itself or slavery (which is a startling omission in the film).

Dream a Little Dream (1989) (PG-13)

Not your usual fare AT ALL! This crazy tale from the eighties is really overlooked, but it is a mesmerizing tale of body-swapping when 2 young teen lovers interrupt a strange elderly couple …on their front lawn…in the middle of the night. It just isn’t what you would expect and I find that to be its real charm. It’s a fun story, features some lesser known stars, and a blend between older and newer music as a soundtrack that really adds to the film.

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