Challedon: One Cool Horse

By: Sam Lister One Cool Horse In the early 1940’s, the Tivoli Theater (Now the Weinberg Center) became the first air-conditioned building in Frederick, thanks to Challedon, a Thoroughbred racehorse from Maryland. On July 27, 1940, Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio attended the Hollywood Gold Cup Race at California’s Hollywood Park. Warner was […]


The Wurlitzer Wizard

By: Sam Lister Baltimore native Michael Britt has been accompanying silent films at the Weinberg Center for almost a decade. Britt started at the Weinberg to assist longtime organist Ray Brubacher. Britt, now sixty-three, recalls visiting the Tivoli Theater (now the Weinberg Center) where Brubacher masterfully improvised accompaniments at the helm of the Mighty Wurlitzer. […]

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