On Re-Opening

By: Gillian Van Ditta The weather in Frederick is notoriously fickle in the spring. From the mountain peaks of Thurmont to the river valleys of the city itself, the weather can swing wildly from cool and sunny, to so humid the scent of your morning coffee sticks to your skin for hours. It is a […]


Challedon: One Cool Horse

By: Sam Lister One Cool Horse In the early 1940’s, the Tivoli Theater (Now the Weinberg Center) became the first air-conditioned building in Frederick, thanks to Challedon, a Thoroughbred racehorse from Maryland. On July 27, 1940, Jack Warner, head of Warner Bros. Studio attended the Hollywood Gold Cup Race at California’s Hollywood Park. Warner was […]


The Wurlitzer Wizard

By: Sam Lister Baltimore native Michael Britt has been accompanying silent films at the Weinberg Center for almost a decade. Britt started at the Weinberg to assist longtime organist Ray Brubacher. Britt, now sixty-three, recalls visiting the Tivoli Theater (now the Weinberg Center) where Brubacher masterfully improvised accompaniments at the helm of the Mighty Wurlitzer. […]

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