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TRAE CROWDER: Just Me and Y’All!

The "Liberal Redneck” brings his particular brand of Southern-fried intellectual comedy to our stage!
Weinberg Center
No performance info available

Trae Crowder first gained attention (or notoriety depending on your politics) in 2016 for his hugely viral series of “Liberal Redneck” comedic rant videos. Since then, Trae has written a book, toured the country thrice over playing sold out shows, appeared on HBO, ABC, MTV, WTF with Marc Maron, and in the Veronica Mars reboot, as “Chattanooga Charlie”, among others.

Additionally, Trae co-hosts the hugely popular “WellRED,” Evening Skews” and “Puttin’ On Airs” podcasts. His debut 30-minute standup comedy special was taped in 2021 in Nashville, TN. He has been performing his particular brand of Southern-fried intellectual comedy in the Southeast for the past six years and now tours nationally as part of the wellRED comedy tour with his writing and drinking partners, Corey and Drew. He also continues to rant and rave on the internet to the mostly-delight of his lovely fanbase.

DC’s own Donnie Sengstack will open for Trae.

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