Oct. 20 | 5 Tips for Rapunzel Auditions

In anticipation of our upcoming auditions for Missoula Children’s Theater production of Rapunzel – a unique one-week musical production right here in Frederick – we started reflecting on the amount of work that goes into auditioning for a show… and it’s impressive! After consulting with a few of our theater friends, we devised this list of 10 quick tips for aspiring actors that will hopefully help you nail that next audition

1. Set a realistic time for yourself to get to the audition.

There’s nothing worse than feeling rushed when you may already be experiencing nervous butterflies. Ensure you give yourself plenty of breathing room to arrive early, and be prepared to stay the full time allotted for auditions.

2. No preparation is needed.

Rapunzel is a unique production that will audition, rehearse, and perform a full-length production in under a week! You won’t need to prepare for these auditions, just come ready to have fun.

3. Bring a friend!

Don’t be afraid to ask someone to tag along and audition—bringing a friend can help you calm each other’s nerves and have fun together!

4. Know you’ll make mistakes.

Repeat after me: IT’S OKAY. Just don’t forget to remember that with every mistake, we’re given an opportunity to learn something new and improve our next shot.

5. Smile!

You wouldn’t believe how influential it can be just to have a good attitude and appear genuinely happy to be where you are. It’s easy for anyone to let nervous jitters affect our outward appearance, so remember what inspired you to even be at the audition in the first place and smile big!

And there you have it! Now are you looking for a way to test out these tips? Children ages 6-18 are encourages to come show off their skills at auditions for Missoula Children’s Theatre production of Rapunzel at 3:30pm on Monday, October 24 at our theater.

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