Oct. 13 | Why Join the Weinberg Family?

There are hundreds of passionate and loyal arts advocates supporting the Weinberg Center, and today, we want to take a moment to share how meaningful even the smallest gesture of support can be. Let’s dive in to five ways you unknowingly impact the jewel of Frederick as a Weinberg member:

1 | A mere 45 cents covers the cost of one chandelier lightbulb.

That means after a year at a Producer level membership, your contribution can help replace every single light bulb in the theater!

2 | For every dollar spent at the Weinberg, roughly $7 is generated for the city (think shopping, restaurants, parking, and more).

When you help keep the Weinberg Center a thriving part of the community, you play part in a positive ripple effect on the downtown Frederick economy!

3 | With only $6 – just a fraction of a Patron level membership – you make it possible for a local student to attend our smARTS series.

That means you’re responsible for having a lasting impact on children of all ages by introducing them to live theater.

4 | You become a part of beloved Frederick traditions that span decades.

When you join the Weinberg family, you not only become part of traditions such as Weinberg Winterfest and Tuba Christmas, but also new traditions like our annual member receptions.

5 | As an avid supporter and repeat patron, members become ambassadors for a cherished piece of Frederick history — YOU help spread the word about what we do!

In all these ways and countless more, your membership helps keep the arts affordable and accessible to our community; and for that, we’re grateful for you today and every day.

Not yet a member? Just a few dollars can score you great benefits like early access to tickets. Learn more about how you can join the Weinberg family!


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