Oct. 11 | 5 Fast Facts about William Shatner

In anticipation of William Shatner taking our stage tomorrow night, our friends over at The Frederick News-Post chatted with him about everything ranging from his career to his personal life. And we figured, what better way to get in the “Shatner spirit” than learning five random facts about our very own Captain Kirk?

Fact 1: The genesis of Shatner’s World is powerful, yet simple: Say “yes” to life.

As he mentioned in his News-Post interview, William Shatner truly believes in the concept of embracing life. As he states, one of the most important things in life is “saying yes to experience… whether it’s the hysteria of laughter, to the abject of pathos. Celebrate it.”

Fact 2: The CEO of an airplane manufacturing company let Shatner borrow an airplane for a few days. No strings attached.

All because he grew up watching Star Trek as a young boy, Steve Ridolfi (CEO of the airplane company Bombardier) became determined to become an aeronautical engineer. When he heard Shatner needed help organizing transportation for a documentary, he didn’t hesitate to offer his childhood role model a helping hand.

Fact 3: He’s not afraid to talk about his highest highs and lowest lows.

In true Shatner fashion, “Bill” is unapologetically himself. In his one-man show Shatner’s World, the entertainment icon will dive into all aspects of his personal life and career without a second thought.

Fact 4: He just wrote a book.

In addition to his best-seller “Leonard,” Shatner just recently debuted “Zero-G,” a sci-fi novel that offers a peak at what the FBI could be doing in space 50 years from now. We’re hoping there’s mention of it tomorrow night!

Fact 5: The most meaningful part of his entire career is performing like he will be tomorrow night—on stage, just talking about life.

Although he’s dipped his toe in several areas of the entertainment industry, his one-man show Shatner’s World is where Shatner says he’s found true passion and connection. We can’t wait to see it live ourselves!

Get a chance to boast how well you really know Shatner at his show with us tomorrow night at 7:30pm. See you at the theater!

Quote by William Shatner in recent Frederick News-Post interview regarding his upcoming performance at the Weinberg Center.
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