Nov. 10 | Commemorating the Memories

Walking down our theater’s aisles on any given day, it’s hard to ignore the energy that encompasses the room—there have been too many fond memories to count! Over the years, we’ve seen more and more individuals commemorating these moments, while simultaneously giving back to help us bring the arts to Frederick. As hinted last week, we decided to highlight one short, sweet story of individuals who were happy to share their fond Weinberg memories. And trust us—it’s sure to leave you smiling!

11.10profileGrowing up in Hagerstown, Dalton was never far from his grandmother Linda, spending countless days bonding over performances at the Weinberg.  Time and time again, the duo would attend a show at the theater, and Linda began noticing her grandson’s analytical mind when watching the performances.

When he was only five years old, they were getting up to leave an iconic Nutcracker performance, and Linda caught Dalton eyeing an area above the stage. Following his gaze, she asked him what he was thinking. He stared a bit longer at the tall ceiling with a frown of concentration on his face and questioned, “How does the snow fall?” With the help of volunteers, Linda got to show Dalton how the workers operated the artificial snow and since this moment, he has continued to prove himself an exceptionally hands-on, investigative person.

On this day exactly 7 years ago, Linda surprised her then-eight-year-old grandson with a unique gift: his name forever engraved on his favorite Weinberg seat! Whenever Dalton and Linda continue their tradition of attending a Weinberg performance, Dalton loves to sit directly behind the seat engraved with his name and occasionally joke with whoever’s sitting there: “You’re in my seat — literally!”

Next time you find yourself sitting in our theater, check to see if you’re sitting in “Dalton’s seat,” or perhaps the spot of another Tivoli or Weinberg memory. As our timeless venue continues to live on, we look forward to hearing and commemorating the memories that live with it.

If you have your own Weinberg memory or artifact you’d like to share, don’t hesitate to #ShareYourWeinberg and join us in celebrating 90 years as the cultural cornerstone of Frederick. Interested in commemorating a memory at our theater yourself? Check out how to dedicate a theater seat of your own with a unique plaque. See you at the theater!

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