May 23 | A Day in the Life: Arts Management Intern

Each semester, college students have the chance to gain real world, behind-the-scenes experience as an arts management intern at the Weinberg Center. Whether joining us from Hood College, the Mount, FCC, or somewhere further down the road, our interns play an integral role in supporting the Weinberg’s marketing and development teams. José Galarza, who joined us this spring during his final semester at Hood, gives you a sneak peek into this unique opportunity.

11:30am: After my classes for the day are over, I take a nice walk through Frederick as I head to the Weinberg Center. It’s really nice walking through the historic downtown streets and seeing all of the amazing stores and restaurants. Non-profits have been a great influence on my life ever since high school, so it is no doubt that I enjoy coming into the Weinberg Center and learning something new every day!

12:00pm: When I arrive, I am greeted by the wonderful Weinberg staff! Cynthia and David are handling the Box Office while Ashley, Rebecca, and Jef are busy prepping for the next season. I occasionally see Greg handling the stage and tech needs. First, I check both my email and Trello to-do list to see what’s on my schedule for today.

12:15pm: I use the sales tracking software and log the prior week’s sales onto an Excel spreadsheet. Ashley (the Manager of Marketing) and I use this special spreadsheet to see where our progress is in selling tickets for this season’s shows. The list is always long because of how many people love coming to the Weinberg – sometimes more than once!

12:30pm: After sales tracking is done, Rebecca (the Development Manager) hands me a list of people who have donated to the Weinberg Center within the last month. I love making donor phone calls because I get to interact with people who value the Weinberg and contribute their own money to help us successfully execute our mission. It’s great to pick up the phone and give them a big thank you for their contribution!

1:30pm: I need lunch, of course! I sometimes head to Flippin’ Pizza, which is right next to the creek. I enjoy their pizza the most because it reminds me of home. (Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker!)

2:00pm: Back to work. Archiving is not only preservation; it’s a continuous history lesson! I get to carefully clean and sort decades-old portraits and headshots, seeing the multitude of performers that once stood on the historic Weinberg stage. Whenever there is a portrait whose performer I cannot easily identify or Google, Ashley or Jef (our Box Office Manager) is able to name them without hesitation.

3:30pm: After archiving, I take a short break, strolling around the lobby to look at the displays and learn more about the history that has passed through these halls. It’s always a nice refresher – and a history lesson!

4:00pm: Who would have thought writing social media posts would be a challenge? Writing for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram actually takes some thought. I have to understand and articulate the “voice” of the Weinberg Center. But even if it takes time, I’m learning how to connect the Weinberg to the outside world, and we need to reach out to as many people as we can. Social media is a great tool for getting the word out about our shows!

5:00pm: Today went by so quickly! I get my things together and head back to Hood, bidding farewell to the wonderful Weinberg staff on the way out. Back at school, I’ll work on final projects and papers for the rest of the evening. I’m still a college student, after all!

See you at the theater!

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