Mar. 9 | Experiencing the Backstage Magic

Have you heard that the Weinberg Center has started offering backstage tours to the general public? It’s easy to join us for a prescheduled tour or make your own private tour appointment. We know you love the Weinberg’s fantastic shows and events, but here’s a few reasons why you should experience the backstage magic for yourself:

You can check out the birds-eye view from the projection booth.

Old film reels, canisters, and projection equipment, oh my! Our vintage projection booth is usually off- limits to the general public, but if you’re a participant in one of our backstage tours, you get a first-hand look!

You’ll learn fun trivia and local theatrical lore that’s sure to impress.

Ever wonder why the ticket booth is outside of the theater? Or why there’s sometimes a bare bulb standing on the Weinberg stage? A backstage tour will answer all your questions – and some you didn’t even know you had!

You can hang out where the stars do.

Did you know that a lot of the artists who have graced the Weinberg stage – like George Takei, Joan Baez, and David Sedaris – have signed the walls of the Weinberg greenroom? You can spot these signatures and many more when you take a backstage tour.

…and you’ll find out why it’s called a greenroom in the first place!

We know you’re wondering why!

You’ll have a great time.

Our tour guides are longtime volunteers with great stories to tell about their own experiences at the Weinberg Center. They’re passionate about the “Jewel of Frederick” – and it’s infectious!

Tours are available on Tuesday, April 4 and Tuesday, May 9 at 2 pm and are free of charge. More tours will be added during the summer months. Private tours are available pending guide and theater availability. Please contact Rebecca O’Leary at (301) 600-2870 or [email protected] for more information. See you at the theater!


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