Jan. 19 | 4 Backstage Necessities

Ever wonder what it takes to make a theater like the Weinberg Center for the Arts tick? Well, wonder no more – here are four little backstage necessities that help make the shows on our stage run seamlessly.

1. Lightbulbs – They’re everywhere! The Weinberg Center for the Arts had a number of chandeliers, wall sconces, overhead lights, a marquee and more. If you’re a Producer’s Circle member, your membership just about covers the cost of all the lightbulbs needed for a full year.

2. Handheld microphones – Many Weinberg artists depend on handheld mics (often supported by stands) to project their voices to our 1,200 seat house. If you’re a Marquee Club member or a Director’s Guild member, your membership covers the cost of one typical handheld microphone.

3. Lighting gels – Our technical staff uses sheets of colored polyester or polycarbonate to adjust the colors of stage lights and create various textures and moods for our stage lighting. Gels can fade (or even melt!) very quickly, so they have to be changed quite often. If you are a Corporate Leadership Club member, one year of your membership will almost cover gels for the Weinberg for a season.

4. Gaffer’s tape – It’s like duct tape, but better! Gaffer’s tape doesn’t leave any residue when removed or do any damage to the surface it is applied to. Our stage technicians use gaffer’s tape to tape down cables, attach microphone packs, as a temporary fix for broken equipment, and endless other tasks. If you’re a Tivoli Society member, one year of your membership will cover enough gaffer’s tape to get us through a whole season.

It’s true that you can make a difference, big or small, when you become a Weinberg Center member. See you at the theater!


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