Behind the Bar

by Sam Lister and Payson Silvio

For many Weinberg Center patrons, no visit to the theater is complete without a stop at the bar to enjoy an adult beverage while waiting for the performance to begin. Patrons pass under the gigantic masks of Comedy and Tragedy, into the inner lobby and easily find their way to the bar. Behind the bar is an array of options highlighted by products from three cherished local brands; Flying Dog Brewery, Tenth Ward Distilling Company, and Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company.

Flying Dog Brewery has been an integral partner of the Weinberg Center since 2011 sponsoring the Flying Dog Film Series and hosting happy hour tastings prior to each movie. Here patrons can taste some of the most innovative and unique flavors available in the craft brewing market.

Flying Dog Brewery has also been a proud advocate for free speech, teaming up with the 1st Amendment Society to spread their message. In fall of 2017, Flying Dog CEO Jim Caruso spoke at Hood College discussing the topic of free speech, answering questions and detailing the brewery’s legal battle with the State of Michigan.

In terms of spirits, Tenth Ward Distilling Company provides specialty cocktails and tastings for the brand new Cinema Club Film Series. Tenth Ward is a woman-owned craft distillery that challenges traditional distillation conventions. Everything from their ingredients to their bottles and barrels are environmentally sourced and as local as possible.

Tired of being told you have to finish your drink before you can enter the theater? New this season patrons are now able to take their adult beverages into the theater! With the purchase of a $3 souvenir reusable lidded cup, theater goers can now enjoy their beverages inside the theater during performances. Coming back to the theater again soon? No need to purchase another cup, just bring your souvenir cup back with you and we will fill it for just the cost of the drink.

Tired after a long day and need a shot of caffeine to make it through the evening? Then the Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company has got you covered with a heritage dating back to 1895. With certified organic roasting certifications from the USA and The State of Maryland Department of Agriculture, Baltimore Coffee and Tea Company is also certified by the Smithsonian Institution to roast and distribute Bird Friendly Coffee.

No matter what you’re in the mood for, you can always find it behind the bar at the Weinberg Center.

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