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The Weinberg Center for the Arts is seeking local and regional artists to display their collection in our lobby gallery. Artists interested in showing art in the Weinberg gallery should contact John Healey at [email protected] or 301.600.2839, and reference the artists guidelines, which can be downloaded here: Artists Guidelines.

Current Display

About the Photographer William Sherman

Bill is pleased to share a selection of his photographs with visitors to the Weinberg Center for the Arts.  This series of photographs highlight some of the truly outstanding performers who have graced the Weinberg’s stage over the years.

Always a lover of nature, Bill has been an avid birder for the past 35 years.  During his travels Bill has seen some beautiful and diverse birds, but also many of natures other beauties such as butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies and flowers.  The thought of photographing nature’s beauties as he traveled around moved him into the digital camera world in 2005.  Retirement from the Federal Government in 2007 gave him much more time to pursue his interest in nature photography.

Bill’s interest in nature photography took him on photographic journeys to interesting sites in small towns, or local events in his hometown of Frederick Maryland.  Along the way, he has expanded his photographic interests to pursue specific non-nature related themes such as Civil War Reenactors, Scenic United States, Architecture and Working Hands themed photographs.

As a volunteer at the Weinberg Center, Bill utilized his photographic skills to photograph Weinberg performances for use by Weinberg management.  This exhibit highlights some of those performers from 2009 to the present.

To see more of Bill’s photographic work, check out his website —


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