A Semester to Remember

By Sam Lister

While searching for an internship for my final semester at Hood College, I was ecstatic to find an opportunity Weinberg Center. I knew that the Weinberg would be a fun place to work, but I never could have guessed how much I was going to learn.

As a marketing intern, I have accomplished a wide variety of tasks from creating and posting social media content to managing event calendars. I’ve written press releases, edited video trailer, analyzed ticket sales throughout neighboring counties, and helped execute marketing campaigns. The Weinberg staff is small, yet mighty, and before starting my internship, I never would have guessed how much time, effort, and energy is needed to keep this place running.

One of the perks of working at the Weinberg Center is attending shows. Before Ghost of Paul Revere performed as part of the Tivoli Discovery Series, I had the opportunity to meet the band and create a short video clip for social media. After watching them perform, I was hooked, and I now listen to them quite often. Throughout the semester I also had the opportunity to watch Oscar short film nominees, hear speeches by baseball legend Brooks Robinson and actress/activist Laverne Cox, and enjoy a lively performance by Cirque Mechanic. Although, a typical work day at the Weinberg Center does not involve performers, spotlights, or an audience.

In my application, I noted the importance of the arts in our society, and my time at the Weinberg has proven this idea true. I have seen people of all ages and walks of life attend events here; taking time to appreciate what the Weinberg has to offer—which is quite a lot!! Nothing can beat an evening of live entertainment, especially in a a place like Frederick.

Overall, my least favorite part of being an intern at the Weinberg Center is the fact that I have to leave. That being said, I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity work, learn, and develop my skills in a field that I am passionate about!

Thanks to John, Barbara, Jef, Rebecca, Greg, and the rest of the Weinberg Team for always making me feel welcome, helping me grow, and working to make the Weinberg a truly special place.

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